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FOX News
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
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FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 9:00am PST
. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? [ voice of dennis ] silence. living with moderate to semeans living with it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage withumira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. so you can treat more than just the pain. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have symptoms such as
FOX News
Jan 13, 2013 8:00am PST
. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? [ voice of dennis ] indeed. officeyour business needs...k... at prices that keep you...out of the red. this week get a bonus $15 itunes gift card with any qualifying $75 ink purchase. find thousands of big deals now... at officemax. >> eric: a u.s. soldier gave his family a very special surprise in minnesota. his wife and three children. the captain takenned a mavericks hockey game. guess what? they gave him free tickets to the game and their seats were picked to score a goal and take a look... it was the captain. he trotted himself out as the goalie and his kid took some shots and lo and behold, they took off the face mask and saw who he was. he has been away for 8 months. we say, welcome home and very best wishes. >> i could cry. >> eric: what a great story, isn't it? >> jamie: so happy our producer shared that moment with us. many americans have been going through foreclosur
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 1:00pm PST
hallowed be thy name. >> this represents a fundamental teaching of the christian faith. dennis cruz believes the lord's prayer should be taught in sunday school but public school, as well. senate bill 23 would allow students to say the prayer at school. >> i think she putting too much emphasis on the role of the school system. >> surprising opinion from the campus pastor of southern church of indiana. >> i think the legislation may be a bit narrow, a bit misguided. i would like to see the legislature empower schools to do their mission and empower families to do their mission and allow the faith community do their provision. >> it has an opt out bill that don't want kids to participate. >> they take god out of schools and i really think god should than back in school. >> not all kids are christian. i'm a christian but i don't think it needs to be legislated. >> they don't have faith it will pass. >> if you bring the lord's prayer or a christian prayer into the schools you also have to be very sensitive to other religions, muslim faith, jewish faith. >> hurdles are plenty but conserv
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)